Travel Insurance is designed to get you, your family and your possessions home safely and with little expense to you. By reading posts on this website, you will learn what travel insurance is and how to pick and choose various elements in order to cover your travel  needs.

Travel Insurance Story

Travel insurance is the last matter people think about when planning a trip, whether the trip is simply a vacation or a business venture. People think of the warm and sunny beaches or the big business deal they may close. But what if something goes wrong?

Suppose your bags are lost or your flight is delayed causing you to miss a connection that delays your plans or even blows them up and wrecks everything. You don’t want to show up at a business meeting wearing cargo pants and tennis shoes. Nor do you want to sit on the beach in a formal dress and high heels. These are simple but irritating matters that travel insurance can immediately fix.

Travel Insurance Fixes Small Problems

Suppose you missed your flight because of mechanical problems to the aircraft, and now you’ll be late catching the cruise leaving at 8 am the next morning. And the cruise line has a no money back clause in the agreement. Are you out a large amount of money because you missed the scheduled departure? Not if you have the right travel insurance policy.

Travel Insurance Fixes Big Problems

You’re young, You’re strong. You’re invincible. But you can break your leg, just like any other person. A tumble down a hillside while hiking in the remote Swiss Alps could require an expensive medical evacuation (Medi-vac). If the case requires an airlift, say with a helicopter, from a remote area, the cost could run as high as $25,000. But not if you have the right travel insurance policy.

The Goal of This Travel Insurance Site

This travel insurance site will acquaint you with the underlying people and money assets that will ensure that your vacation or business travel will be successful and safe. We will cover the following travel insurance and their subsequent solutions:

What Happens to Lost Luggage?

This walk through the Byzantine world of lost luggage will act as a guide to get your stuff back.

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What Is Backpackers Travel Insurance?

The best insurance a backpacker can buy is time. You never know when fun and money might pop up and need a long look.

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What is Adventure Travel Insurance?

Sometimes, eating food may need adventure travel insurance, just like skiing, rock climbing and paragliding. Is your adventure covered?

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What is Trip Cancellation Insurance?

Trip cancellation insurance pays you if your trip is cancelled. Is your reason for cancelling valid?

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What is Emergency Medical Travel Insurance?

Emergency medical travel insurance saves you money when paying hospitals and doctors. Here’s what it costs.

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How Much For Travel Insurance?

Here’s a simple-as-pie math formula to calculate the cost of travel insurance. It doesn’t get easier than this.

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What is Travel Insurance?

Think of travel insurance as a rich uncle who protects and travels with you around the world. Here are examples.

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Does Travel Insurance Cover Cancelled Flights?

Learn about legally bribing passengers, the bumped seat trick, cancelled flights payments and good-faith efforts.

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